New Pieces

New Pieces

So thrilled to introduce a few new pieces to my collection. 

The little rat (mouse) makes its' introduction as both a nose stud and a cartilage hoop. I have to say it's a little ambitious as a nose stud, but for the right someone it's just what is needed. I made one for my friend to give as a gift to her daughter for Christmas and her daughter LOVED it! She belongs to a rat club and was eager to show off her new funky cool jewelry.

The OHM cartilage hoop is newly created as a hoop but is much loved as a nose stud too. So many of my pieces can be made into either / or and I'm working on incorporating more designs into both studs and hoops. It's also nice to be able to co-ordinate jewelry pieces. If there's a nose stud you see that you'd love as a cartilage hoop, just contact me. That is the beauty of handmade :)

 The peace sign! So, so excited to introduce the peace sign nose stud. I have been searching for little 'faces' forever in the right size to solder stems to. If I were a large company, I could simply get thousands of them cast for me in sterling, but I'm not a large company. These little guys are 6mm round and are so fun. Also could be made into cartilage hoops. And a bargain at $14.95 USD. 

Lovin' the little heart hoops. I'm making these available in sterling silver, rose gold fill, or yellow gold fill. Remember, gold fill is not a plated material, but a high quality tube of 14K gold filled with a less expensive metal. It wears like solid gold but is more affordable. If you want one done in solid gold instead, simply contact me.

Thanks for checking out the new pieces!


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