Customer Spotlight - Candace

Customer Spotlight - Candace

Candace Williams -

I live in Centralia, Washington State. I’ve had my nostril piercing for about six years. I thought a lot about the piercing before I finally did it. I have a lot of other piercings, and I really thought a decoration in that spot would be nice but I was concerned because I have a big nose! Then I just decided the heck with it, I’m doing it. And I’ve never regretted it!

My nostril piercing is there because I love baubles. I see my nose as another place to put a decoration, but it is also an expression of my personality. I feel that I’m not like the mainstream crowd, and even though facial piercings are becoming more “accepted”, they are still a bit taboo. I kind of like that.

I like both rings and studs, but I typically stick with studs and the reason is that after two or three removals of the seamless kind, I somehow always mange to make my rings not round anymore, and then they just aren’t as pretty. Which is really sad, because I have two beautiful rings designed by RockYourNose that I adore!

I like to change my nose jewelry to match my outfits. I have many different colors, shapes, sizes and styles and I love to switch them up! But when I get a new one, I tend to wear that one for a while before changing it for another.

On the outside, my tattoos and numerous piercings make me unique, along with the fact that I tend to speak my mind, and am quick to laugh. On the inside, what makes me unique is that I am not very much like other people. I am extremely introverted and prefer spending time alone to being with people. I love hanging out at home with my dog, reading, knitting, or homework…I’m currently in college… (I live alone and prefer it that way), or when the weather is nice, I love riding my motorcycle. These aren’t typical activities for most women, but they sure suit me!


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