Customer Spotlight - Terri

Customer Spotlight - Terri

Tell us a little bit about yourself – a) Where do you live? Rochester NY

b) How long have you had a nose piercing? And what inspired you to get it done? Since 2007. I actually had one back in 1990. They used an ear piercing gun. And an earring. It stuck out like Frankenstein back thing. I took it out. Then had eye brow pierced but it kept migrating out. Finally did nose again. If I were younger (I'm almost 51) I'd have a ton more piercings

c) What does having a nose piercing mean to you? (ie - a fun way to add flair to an outfit, an expression of self) Another sparkly accessory

d) Do you prefer a ring or stud or like to switch it up? I love rings but I sometimes switch it up. Looking for a delicate ring with all diamond like gems to make up the ring.

e) How often do you change out your nose jewelry for different occasions? When the mood strikes. No rhyme or reason

f) Tell us something that (in your mind) makes you completely unique. I'm a 51 yr old obsessed with anything sparkly.


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