December Birth Stones

December Birth Stones

December is such a great month for birthdays - December born have their choice of three different gem stones as birth stones! Not only that, but these stones make excellent Christmas presents as well.

The first December birth stone is a rich blue stone called Tanzanite. Tanzanite was once purchased as a cost-effective alternative to the sapphire, however, it has reached its own popular demand through its renown beauty. The blue shades can extend all the way to a rich violet. Tanzanite is so rare because it is only mined in a small area four kilometers by two kilometers, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The next December birth stone is a zircon. Zircon is a beautiful stone that mimics a diamond in color and strength. Zircon can be found in places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Like other stones, zircon can be found in an array of colors, including yellow, orange, brown, red, and blue.

Lastly we have my personal favorite, the turquoise stone. Turquoise has been used as a protection stone for centuries, used as a talisman to also promote wisdom, power, and luck. Fun fact - the mask of the Egyptian king Tutankhamun was actually studded with turquoise. This ancient stone has been revered throughout the ages. Turquoise is commonly mined in Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Australia, Chile, Mexico, and in some United States such as Arizona and Nevada.

Nose jewelry featuring one of December's birthstones, the turquoise, can be found at Rock Your  Nose ( and are available here -

Turquoise and Gold Nose Stud - 14K Solid Yellow Gold with Natural Turquoise

This piece of natural rounded turquoise is a 3mm stone set in a 14K solid yellow gold bezel cup with a matching stem, customized to your liking. Simple, elegant, and classic.

Flower Nose Stud in Turquoise and Sterling Silver - Southern Belles

These pieces are beautiful. I made my daughter one for her nose over a year ago and she's worn it ever since. Again this piece features a 3mm rounded turquoise in a sterling silver cabochon, with a sterling silver flower bezel cup, and a sterling stem in your choice of gauge, length, and end style.

Beaded Silver Nose Ring Wrapped with Turquoise

These unique nose naths are so gorgeous. There are a few available in the shop, but this one features the December birth stone, five turquoise beads wire wrapped onto a sterling silver nose ring of your choice of diameter and gauge. Gorgeous.

4mm Turquoise Nose Stud in Sterling Silver

This piece features a slightly larger turquoise stone, measuring 4mm and resting in a sterling silver cabochon with a sterling silver stem, customized to your length. This is a bold and elegant piece.

Happy birthday to all of my December customers! And to anybody shopping for a December-born friend, remember that these stones do make great gifts for both birthdays, and Christmas!


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