Featured Blog Post by Jessy Savage

Featured Blog Post by Jessy Savage

Yes, she's my daughter and she's also a writer, music buff and artist herself, making fun and funky festival clothing at TatteredDesign. This is the feature she did on her blog for my business - thank you Jessy Savage!


It's no surprise I love Rock Your Nose. How could I not? My mother has become one of the most inspirational people I know. 

My mom, my badass mom (she was always super cool when I was growing up, rocking an open-minded lifestyle) got her nose pierced in 2004. Of course I wanted to get it done too, and so I did - the FIRST time (I've had each side done four times now, eep!) in 2007. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, not many parents have piercings. Piercings are for everybody! I thought it was super cool, and I still do.

The nose stud my mom was pierced with (the second time, you can read about her piercing experience here and the story of how she accidentally ripped out her nose stud) was a plain stud with a stone in it. She did some online shopping and research looking for truly unique pieces and found she couldn't find any. She had started up an Etsy shop in 2008 creating wire-wrapped pieces of jewelry and thought to herself, "What if I made my own nose stud?"

So she did. And another and another. She started getting compliments on her nose jewelry and the decision to open up a second Etsy shop, Rock Your Nose, was an easy one. 

​And it took off like crazy. People LOVED the unique nose jewelry options available, and they still do. It's been eight years and Rock Your Nose is thriving. In 2010 I got both sides of my nose re-pierced for the fourth and final time and began modelling for Rock Your Nose, and everywhere I go I sport a stud and a ring, courtesy of my mom!

I've had two instances that stick out in my memory vividly of people complimenting me on my nose jewelry. Once in a grocery store, the cashier commented that she loved my turquoise nose stud, and I mentioned I got it from Rock Your Nose, to which she replied, "Oh my god, I've heard of her! I've seen a few people wearing her things, they're so beautiful!"

Last year I was at the beach with a few friends, and struck up a conversation with a girl who had a nose piercing. She was commenting on my opal nose stud, and of course I told her where I had got it. "Oh, Rock Your Nose!" she replied, "I get all of my jewelry from her, she's excellent!" I smiled and said that she was my mother, and this girl was so excited and so shocked. It's been incredibly humbling and amazing to run into people who are fans of my mother's artwork, and I feel so much pride to call her my mom!

And at the end of the day it truly is artwork. The crafting has evolved so much over the past eight years and the product is constantly evolving and growing, with new designs constantly being added. The pieces are lovingly hand-crafted and the pride in each piece truly shows.You won't be able to find jewelry like this at a chain store or outlet. One of the best parts about the pieces from Rock Your Nose is that you are able to customize your order 100% to fit your nose, ranging from choosing gauges from 16-24g (depending on the piece), as well as the diameter of a nose ring, and the end style of your nose studs - L end, screw end for left or right, fishtail hook, or a ball end. Everything is customizable and if you don't see an option, or you don't quite know what size or finish is recommended for you, the customer service end is helpful and the patience evident to ensure that you receive exactly the piece you're looking for.  
As I said my mother has inspired me so much. I see her happiness and pride that she takes in her work, her drive, her motivation, her perfectionism, her total commitment to sharing her craft with the world, She pushed me into starting up my own Etsy shop after watching the joy and fun she has had with hers, telling me stories about her repeat customers, and reading her Etsy reviews, everything about what she does is a huge inspiration to me. 
Amethyst Nose Stud in Sterling Silver
Big Heart Nose Stud "LOVE ME" in Sterling and Rhodolite Garnet
Celtic Butterfly Nose Stud with Rainbow Moonstone
Beaded Silver Nose Ring Wrapped with Garnet
Here are a few of my favorite pieces. Click on the images to be directed to the online store atwww.rockyournose.com and each piece is available through RockYourNose on Etsy


(prices are in US dollars)

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