October Birth Stones

October Birth Stones

If you are lucky enough to be born in October, you actually get your pick between opal and tourmaline as a birth stone.

Tourmaline is a stone that is available in many different colors, and each color holds an individual property. Black tourmaline for example is a grounding stone that helps clear the mind, whereas a pink tourmaline is highly associated with drawing feminine energies. Tourmaline is also available in colors such as yellow, orange, green, and red. The rarest color of tourmaline is a neon blue, called Paraiba tourmaline, called so because it is found in Paraiba, in Brazil. Tourmaline can also be found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myamar, Sri Lanka, and even in California and Maine in the United States.

Opals are incredibly beautiful and colorfully versatile stones, the word 'opal' is derived from the Greek word opallos, which means "to see a change in color." If you look into an opal stone, you'll see exactly why. The coloring is irredescent and radiant on an opal. One of the most beautiful forms of opal is the Mexican fire opal, a deep rich and orange stone. Opal as a stone is said to bring inspiration to projects and inspire an innocent and childlike attitude, bringing color changes wherever it goes. Opal stones are found fairly well in Australia, and opal deposits from Australia are responsible for 90% of the opal stones in the market.

A few products for this month's birthstones available at Rock Your Nose can be found here:

Opal in Gold Nose Stud - 14K Solid Yellow Gold with Natural Opal
A beautiful natural opal cabochon set in a 14K solid yellow gold fleur, with a solid yellow gold stem customized to your liking. The flower setting measures 4.5mm, with the opal stone itself measuring 3mm.

Opal Nose Stud - Mexican Fire Opal
The rare Mexican fire opal, available in a one of a kind piece of nose jewelry. This piece is beautifully intricate, featuring a 3mm Mexican fire opal stone in a serrated bezel up, with roped antique silver soldered about it, and then three antique silver balls soldered on, creating a truly unique look for this piece.

Opal Nose Stud in Sterling Silver
Simplistic, yet plainly elegant. This sterling silver piece features a natural opal stone measuring 3mm and is in a sterling silver cabochon, with the end style up to your customization.

Happy birthday to all of my October-born customers and readers, and enjoy all of the beauty that your birth stones have to offer you.


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