Gift Cards - The Perfect Gift

Gift Cards - The Perfect Gift

Ahhhhh Gift Cards: the not so cool yet sometimes perfect gift. Stay with me here....

There it is - the perfect Nose Art! I mean you just know she/he will love, love, love it and you want to enjoy that delicious feeling of gifting a genuine winner present. Really, it's a bond, that unique jewelry, something that uniquely connects you two and it always will. Nose Art is pretty special though because unlike a necklace or an earring, it requires customization that's particular to the individual. Chances are that you don't  know what style/type is needed. On top of that there are about ten (yup, ten!) different gauge and end combinations they would select from and that doesn't even address custom lengths they may require.

So, yeah, it gets a tad complicated when opting to give that superb Nose Art. All is not lost though  - this is one of those times when a Gift Card just may be the perfect gift. If you're anything like me then you sort of feel like a gift card is a second best sort of thing. I mean, it's always way more fun to see the expression on their face when you watch them unwrap your gift but you want to get it juuuust right. Well, how about a compromise? Include a picture of that special piece or, if it is an online Gift Card, a link to the specific item. Something to show your loved one that you had "this" particular piece in mind allows you to express the care and thought you put into selecting this unique gift - just for them.

Gifting jewelry is a wonderfully personal experience. Finding that perfect piece that you just know is going to loved to bits. Cherished, even, for years to come.  Who doesn't relish those little private moments of warn-n-fuzzy we feel when putting on something special gifted for us? How about receiving a compliment on the piece and then getting to reply "Thanks, this was a gift from my best friend" is a simple pleasure that brings that gift giver to mind every time, you know? People love to decorate themselves and those of us who choose Nose Art are especially selective because it is such a different way to express oneself.

And there you have it - my case for the Gift Card. The sometimes ideal way to give the gift you want to show that you care. Maybe have some fun getting creative with the boxing and wrapping of the Gift Card, why not? If it is simply more practical to deliver it electronically then maybe include pictures and links to the exact piece you have selected. Write a personal note, too, to make it even more special. Either way your lucky loved one is going to be able to detail the exact requirements to the artist and then - bingo! - perfect gift giving.


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