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Some things from today

My messy soldering block laughing. It contains lots of in progress stuff, scraps etc and holds the magic of handmade.
AND I’m working on making one of these awesome Tribal Goddess nose studs for a customer. 

The Tribal Goddess stud is another one of my fave's. It starts with a single piece of sterling wire that I manipulate into my original design; twisting and turning to create the shape. I have one of my own in gold too, and keep meaning to get one listed for sale in yellow and rose gold. If you're keen for gold, just talk to me and we can set something up:)

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  • Janice on

    Well, you have me as a customer for life! Outstanding quality and artistry! I have never had nose jewelry quite as unique! Getting lots of positive comments! My roommate is getting her nose pierced just so she can order from you :)…………I told her just to buy for ME! Thanks, you’re the best!!!!

  • Kaye Rains on

    Hi Darcy, Just received my rose gold nose hoop. It’s beautiful! I love it!! As soon as my 6-month piercing anniversary is up in Feb., I will change it out to this hoop, and be rockin’ it every day!!! Love the little tin. Even my husband says it’s a class act, high praise indeed, coming from a super picky guy who used to own his own silver jewelry business!! I hope to purchase again in the future. Keep on rockin’!!! Love, Kaye Rains

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