Nose Jewelry as Unique as You Are!
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Mini Gold Hoop Wrapped with Lapis Gemstones


A 14 Karat Gold filled nose ring completely wire wrapped in tiny Genuine Lapis beads - Yes! It's unique and unusual and was inspired by a friend with lovely blue eyes. Not that he had six blues eyes but - ummm - well, you get what I mean.


Anyway, this piece is a great way to add color and textural variety to your body art options.

NOTE - The actual number of beads on your custom made piece will depend on the size of ring you order. The ring shown here is an 8mm ( 5/16") ring.

There is no fussy catch on these - simply pull one end toward you and push the other end away from you. Insert and push to close. They are 8mm interior diameter and the photo shows 20G thickness. 

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