Nose Jewelry as Unique as You Are!
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Silver Nose Ring - Turn Your Stud into a Hoop with this Enhancer!


Another Rock Your Nose Original. Let's see if we start yet another trend....

This is it! This is, by far, the simplest yet MOST versatile Nose Art you can get. Born right here in my lab, my Enhancer instantly changes the look of any Nose Stud without having to buy entirely new pieces. Obviously you have a creative side and, seriously, if you are the kind of person who likes to switch things up - get my Enhancer!

I just LOVE. LOVE, LOVE this piece because it instantly adds versatility to your look. Creating the Enhancer was one of those "ah ha!" moments. Simple and oh so easy when you want to spice it up to suit your event or mood. Wear it a single OR double Enhancer every day or for those days and times when adding something extra is just right.

Designed to be used with any stud, you simply take out your stud, place the Enhancer ring to your piercing and then insert the stud post through the hole on the ring. Easy! A brilliant new look to your nose stud/s any time you like and available as a single or double "hoop". The possibilities are endless.

Some days you are in the mood for a little something different, right? This wonderfully adaptable jewelry is as unique as you are and allows you to truly customize your look to compliment your style.

*** Stud is not included ***

Choose from different gauges (thicknesses) to fully customize your look
• 22G Dainty
• 20G Standard
• 18G Thicker

How to get the perfect fit? Measure from your piercing hole to the bottom of your nostril for a nice, snug to the nostril fit.


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