Working with 2mm Stones

Working with 2mm Stones

Everyone knows them and loves them - tiny little cabochons that add a splash of understated color to your piercing. There are occasions when wearing a larger stud is fun and times when small and simple fills the need.

I've avoided working with 2mm cabochons for quite some time. They're so tiny and harder to set than their larger counterparts. The bezel cup must be worked over the stone all the way around in order to hold the stone in place, and naturally, this is more challenging with a tinier stone. But I'm finally ready to start making them regularly.

2mm cabochons are more difficult to find for sale too, but I have a few on hand. I have some nice rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and stunning opals. I just set an opal in rose gold and it's amazing! I also have a few swiss blue topaz stones, amethyst, peridot, and garnets. 

Look for their arrival soon!


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