Production Time 

How long does it take?

  • Up to 7 business days from the time I get your order to the time it ships. (Shipping time is not included in this estimate)
  • I craft each piece of jewelry individually to order according to your specifics chosen at checkout
  • That means it's made just for you
  • Good things take time
  • Demand is high - thank you! To all of you who order, whether you're my first time customer or my 100th time customer.



Why isn't it free?

  • I wish I could afford to give out free shipping, honestly, but I just can't
  • Big companies enjoy huge shipping breaks because they ship thousands of packages
  • I'm small - like one woman, super small - discounts aren't possible
  • So I do charge for shipping but if I ever figure out how to fairly offer you free shipping (other than earning it through my Rockin' Rewards program), I will let you know. 


Thank you so much for being great :)

Darcey Lyn McCallum

Rock Your Nose Jewelry Inc.