About my company

In 2008 I had a piercing and a problem. Well, two problems, really. The "tiny crystal", and bad fitting nose jewelry. I was bored and frustrated and had no idea there could be a solution to my problem - and yours - until I made a unique little wire spiral and decided to form the end of it to fit into my nose piercing.

My guess is that you're here because you're looking for something unique, or because you know that there's value in having a piece of nose jewelry handmade to order just for you. It’s your opportunity to own something that’s made with you in mind, whether my standard sizing works for you, or you need a shorter or longer shaft length on a stud, or a half size for a ring to get you a nice fit. This is my specialty - developed over more than ten years and from working with thousands of customers all over the world. Welcome:)

The Backstory


Rock Your Nose Jewelry was born in 2009 to a woman with a nose piercing she was totally bored with. They say most great businesses begin as a result of trying to solve a problem. Well, I had a problem, and it was called “the tiny crystal”. My disillusion with my piercing was so great I was considering letting it grow over.

 I was working from home as a business coach, after more than six years working for the Provincial Government in BC, Canada, where I live and operate my business. I quite suddenly had a creative impulse and began dabbling in jewelry making. I knew about the Etsy marketplace because of my coaching job, and after making quite a few things, I set up a shop kind of ‘just for the heck of it’ with some earrings for sale. I called the shop “Rock Your Wire”. I sold a few things and it was a total thrill each time an order would come in. There would be many, many days in a row without orders too.

 One evening, I learned to make a little coil out of wire. A friend taught me. I was on my way home from her house with this little coil with a long-ish tail of wire on it that could be cut into a post earring, or really anything…and I was at a light about to make a left turn when a thought struck me. What if I could put it in my nose?!!

 Well, as they say, the rest is history. I made my first nose stud and it fit perfectly. I listed that tiny sterling silver spiral for sale in my Etsy shop and they sold, and sold, and sold. So I challenged myself with more shapes, and with better photographs and the sales continued to come in. So I kept going. In 2009 I realized that it needed its own dedicated shop and the name “Rock Your Nose” was the perfect choice. I opened a second store on Etsy and kept the first one going.

I expanded the selection, introducing larger spirals, infinity shapes, triangle shapes and more. I realized that I needed to also expand my skill set and I taught myself how to solder and set stones. (Truthfully, YouTube videos taught me how to solder and set stones. I just practiced until I got it right).

Now, all these years later, I have a wonderful business that includes my own webstore and I’m doing something I couldn’t ever imagine not doing. I am exceedingly grateful to every one of my customers for continuing to buy my pieces; many of you have been with me since the beginning. I am also grateful to have a place for the expression of my art, and ultimately my business. And mostly I’m grateful to the Universe for putting all the pieces in place for me. My only job was to pay attention.

I can be reached via email at: rockyournose@shaw.ca

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