Not your average nose jewelry!
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About Us

Rock Your Nose Jewelry Inc. is run by owner, designer, and jewelry fabricator, Darcey Lyn McCallum – creator of some amazing Rockin’ Nose Art!  It’s a very personal business and is focused on customer relationships while simultaneously providing high quality products in a timely manner.

I can be reached via email at:

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I have my own piercing and exclusively wear my own work. I like the look of both bold, large pieces, and small understated pieces, and wear most of them. I've done some amazing, funky one of a kind nose studs when I get the chance to just play in the studio.

The company serves a niche market of both women and men - unique individuals who want to express themselves through the pieces they choose to wear. Rock Your Nose had its inception in 2009 – opening a store on Etsy and coining the phrases "Rockin' Nose Art" and "Little Works of Nose Art" as a part of its personal brand. The shop is still open on Etsy and customers can feel free to go and view the feedback and sales there. In 2012, the business was incorporated and became "Rock Your Nose Jewelry Inc." It is located on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and run from a studio space in my home.

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