Bold Line

Bold Line

The end of 2016 saw the introduction of some new pieces for the Bold Line of nose studs here at Rock Your Nose. Bold is definitely not for every person, nor for every situation, but for those brave souls who are looking for something more intense for their piercing, a bold stud can be just what's needed. Many of my customers have a bold piece or two in their collection, and while they may wear more conservative pieces for work or other engagements, they pop in their bold pieces when they are looking to really express themselves.

Snowflakes were a big part of the theme, with the launch of four snowflake pieces; some featuring stones and one lacy pattern highlighting the beauty of just sterling silver.

A big, bold Celtic piece featuring a green malachite stone also made its debut. I love the medieval look of this piece and I'm not alone. Several have made their way to their new homes since the introduction. They've been really popular in pairs, and I imagine how they will look on someone with a dual piercing - pretty impressive, I would imagine.

Stay tuned for 2017!


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