Customer Spotlight - Shauna

Customer Spotlight - Shauna

Shauna Gullbrand – Good Life Avocate Salem, New Hampshire

As I write this, I’ve had my nose piercing for seven months now! I took this self-expressive step in celebrating my 49th birthday back in April 2016.

Being a Self-Awareness Coach, I often work with clients on the topic expressing the Self. So why was I holding back from expressing a part of me? Over the years I would often entertain the idea of piercing my nose, impressed by those who had the guts to do it. Social norms, along with the fear of judgment and criticism are what held me back from making an appointment – until that beautiful spring day when I walked into the piercing studio.

My nose piercing means to me, a long-held desire to express myself through facial jewelry. It means stepping outside my comfort zone, releasing fear and living authentically. It means me. It means not caring about anyone else’s opinion of what is right and wrong. It means re-evaluating conditioned beliefs and thought processes that no longer serve me and then embracing new ones.

Currently I prefer studs over rings, but I haven’t tried a ring yet. When I notice piercings, I see a lot of tiny diamond studs or simple silver or gold rings and again, social norms come to mind. A piercing that is accepted and not outrageous. While that is all well and good, I wanted something else. A piece (or two or ten) that aides me in … again … full expression of myself. Neither of the previous mentioned really do that for me at this time. So I started a search for unique pieces, ones that are hand crafted. And that’s when I happened upon Rock Your Nose. With so much variety, it was difficult to choose! I have a few different pieces I wear from time to time but haven’t yet gotten to the point of switching them out for various occasions but that’s the plan! I’m thinking a snowflake for winter would be quite fitting! Don’t you?

I’ve talked a lot about self-expression here because I believe it so important to live our lives the way we want to and not for anyone else. This starts by reconnecting with our spirit, our spark, getting reacquainted with who we really are and stepping back into our power. (red cape, superhero power) This is what I am passionate about! This is why I became a life coach, yoga teacher and laughter wellness leader. My purpose, my passion is to help people live the best version of themselves and exclaim to the world that they live a good life! Because everyone deserves to live a good life.


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