Goddess Nose Studs

Goddess Nose Studs

I had a vision for creating one of a kind Goddess Nose Studs for a very long time, and finally got my first batch made and photographed several months ago. The collection got a lot of love and has mostly sold out. 

I've been wearing my own versions for quite a while now - and thought they would be appreciated by more than just me, and was that ever true! Most of them were made in silver, but I made two beauties in solid, 14 karat yellow gold. Those also sold almost immediately.

These Goddess studs are free form, artistic work at it's best and I love shaping the gold or silver wire into a shape and then playing the flame of the torch over my shape while I watch the parts meld together and take on a life of their own. 

Nose jewelry, all jewelry really, carries connotations of our lives; our dreams, wishes, goals. Jewelry can be worn as a celebration of our life events, and as mementos of our losses. The symbolism of our jewelry choices is powerful, sometimes acting as a talisman of our very selves. I'm thrilled the Goddesses I make become a part of your journey. Thank you for letting me in <3



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