Nose Ring and Nose Hoop Options

Nose Ring and Nose Hoop Options

A nose ring can be a really comfortable choice and a nice change from a stud. I make several varieties of nose rings and hoops and I thought I'd share a little more about each style I offer.

The latched nose hoop - I do these in sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. These feature a little clasp type latch that helps to keep the ring intact. They're a really popular option and can be worn in a variety of piercings. They can be a bit tricky to get latched up but are nice and secure once settled.

The "continuous nose rings" or "endless ring nose rings" - are a circle with a split (I finish the ends nicely for comfortable insertion). These open and close in a kind of twisting motion. It's important to open them only as far as you need to get them into place, and not pull the ends back and away from each other. You gently pull one side up while pushing the other side down.

 rose gold nose ring

 how to open and close nose rings

I make my continuous nose rings in a huge variety of metals and styles; sometimes incorporating the addition of beads and gemstones to make decorated rings. Some of my popular choices for nose rings without beads are my sterling silver nose rings, which I make in gauges from ultra thin 24 gauge to 18 gauge and a variety of sizes so you can create a comfortable fit. I also make affordable and beautiful gold filled nose rings, as well as classic and timeless solid gold.

The "hammered style" nose ring is another popular choice. Similar to a continuous ring, it also 'twists' open and closed but for this nose ring, the end gently tucks under the flattened hammered front. It provides an interesting and more unique look than the plain nose ring, and I make them in sterling silver, gold fill, and solid gold.

I make a budded closed style of nose ring, again, a version on the continuous ring. These can be inserted from the outside, which would show off the little bud, or from the inside to hide the budded portion. I also make these in a twisted wire style.

A variation on the budded closed ring is the budded open style of nose ring. These are a real winner if you're good at inserting from the inside because the design of this ring means you don't have to open and close it much, if at all, to get it in. It's a perfect choice if you have to take your nose ring in and out a lot because there is less wear on the ring and it will last longer.

A true standout winning design is my Enhancer Nose Ring that turns your nose stud into the look of wearing a double nose ring. These have a little loop at the top that the stem of your stud fits through, and I make them in gold, silver, and gold and silver twisted versions.

In addition to classic styles of nose rings, I also make some interesting and unique nose rings in tribal styles, floral styles and spiral designs.

Tribal Triangle Nose Ring

Paisley Flower Nose Ring

Tiny Spiral Nose Ring


A nose ring can be as individual as you are - from the design to the fit. If you're not afraid to experiment a little and try on some new looks, a nose ring is a great way to try new things out! 


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Nancy Talley

Nancy Talley

I just ordered the hammered front nose ring in rose gold. I love the hammered gold, the way it slightly shimmers or sparkles against your skin and am very much looking forward to receiving what I know will be another beautiful piece of jewelry. Thank you, Darcey, and thank you for your help previously!

Misty Morgan

Misty Morgan

I bought the spiral nose ring about a decade ago and have been wearing it every day since! It is one of my signature things. 😊 I’ve gotten soooo many compliments on it over the years and have gotten to tell tons of people about the gorgeous jewelry here. After all these years, it is still as beautiful as the day I put it in! 🥰

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