November Stones

November Stones

November is another month with two birth stones! For November's birth stones we have topaz, and a citrine quartz.

The rarest color topaz is called the Imperial Topaz, which is found in Brazil, and was given its name by Russian tzars in the 17th century. It's coloring is said to be that of the setting sun, ranging from light yellows, through darker oranges, and fading into a pink. The topaz that we have most commonly seen and know better is of course a rich orange-brown, but it is also available in a rainbow of coloring, including a rare blue. Topaz is also the stone of friendship, and Utah's national state stone - neat! Topaz is a stone that is found nearly worldwide.

Although the citrine coloring looks like that of a traditional topaz, these stones are from two entirely different families. Citrine belongs within the same family as a quartz crystal. In fact, citrine crystals often fade from a white coloring into the beautiful rich browns, oranges and yellows. Citrine is one of the most popular and sought after yellow gemstones on the market, and it can be found most commonly in Bolivia and in Spain. Citrine and other yellow stones bring about light, happiness, and positivity.

A few products featuring topaz (including blue topaz!) and citrine at Rock Your Nose ( for this month's birthstones can be found here -

Silver and Citrine Unique Bold Nose Stud

An absolutely gorgeous large and intricate piece, featuring a beautiful 3mm rounded yellow citrine stone resting in a serrated bezel cup, with antiqued silver designs hand crafted and soldered around the stone. This piece in total measures 9mm x 9mm.

Citrine and Silver Nose Stud

A 3mm rounded yellow citrine stone set in a sterling silver serrated bezel cup and soldered onto a sterling silver nose stem, customizable to your liking!

Swiss Blue Topaz Nose Stud

An incredibly beautiful piece of natural Swiss blue topaz set delicately in a sterling silver bezel cup and soldered to a sterling silver nose stem and customized by you entirely. This piece of delicate blue draws out its true beauty.

Mystic Topaz High Profile Nose Stud

This piece features a mystic topaz stone with its unique coloring, set in a claw set cup that rests 3mm above the nose and stands out. The stone itself measures 3mm round and is set in a sterling claw cup, with a sterling silver end finished and customized to your liking.

While these two stones can share some similarity in color, they have their own differences as well, especially the vibrancy of the blue coloring found with the Swiss topaz. With either stone having its own each individual properties, a topaz or a citrine makes an excellent gift for anybody born in November.

Happy birthday to all of my November customers!


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