Photos and More Photos!

Photos and More Photos!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll know that I've been hard at work adding new jewelry to the website, as well as updating lots of older photos with newer versions featuring live models. 

Photos take up a great deal of time in my world. From snapping the shot with the lighting just right, to editing them for size and like-ability, the process is long and involved. 

Models! Wow - have I ever found some great women who want to model my jewelry. I love that they each bring something different to the experience, and it's fun to see my handiwork being worn and shown off. 

I've also highlighted some old favorites by creating a new collection of minimalist jewelry and getting lots of model shots. There's still more work to do, but I think you'll agree that the updates to best sellers like my rose gold 2mm spot nose stud and my tiny ball rose gold nose stud were well worth the effort.

I must admit that this photo is my favorite out of the whole series of new photos:

I don't know why; honestly. I just like something about the simpleness of it. And I like the almost black, dark blue background with the texturing.

And that brings me back around to photos. Every piece needs a different 'something' to make it come alive, whether that's a different pose, or background, or something to sit it on while you try not to breathe on it and make it fall over lol! Most of my work is really tiny, and that presents its own set of challenges. I try to find something that will let me show off the jewelry in the right way, without having it dominate the shot. I hope you're enjoying the updates. Thank you again for stopping in, for saying hello, for buying my handcrafted jewelry, and for reading my blog.

~ Darcey Lyn ~



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