Rose Gold

Rose Gold

It's official. Rose gold is IN.

Somewhere around the time Apple released a new batch of iPhones in this desirable color, we as a society began to fall in love with rose gold all over again - and why not? It's classic and timeless and presents a lovely air of elegance. The pink hues are simultaneously feminine, cutesy, and passionate.

Rose gold is a jewelry option that looks great with nearly any style and color choice of clothing. It flatters every skin tone. Just take a look at Pinterest - do a quick search for rose gold, and you'll see anything you can imagine in this brilliant hue - from nail polishes, to limited-edition shoes, sunglasses, cars, headphones, makeup accessories, and DIY craft kits.

We're taking the IY out of DIY - we've already done it for you at Rock Your Nose. I've been creating rose gold nose jewelry specified and tailored to an individual's needs, and I'm really happy to share with you my newest piece - a rose gold nose ring in twisted metal, destined to be as popular as the others available in sterling silver and yellow gold fill.

rose gold nose ring

Throughout history rose gold has seen surges in popularity for jewelry. Dating back to the 1920s, when Cartier Jeweler's first released the Trinity Band ring - three intertwining bands of metals featuring one silver, one yellow gold, and one rose gold - they started trend that would see spikes in interest for the century to come. The beauty of this fine metal is that it possesses a timeless elegance regardless of current popularity. Pair a rose gold piece with pearls and you will feel like absolute royalty or wear it on its own for a classy and understated look.

Think pink!

Here's a few of my favorite pieces in rose gold.
Infinity Nose Stud in Rose Gold
Rose Gold Crescent Moon Nose Stud
Rose Gold Textured Nose Ring
Rose Gold Budded Open Nose Ring


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