Say It With Sapphires

Say It With Sapphires

Introducing September's birthstone ... Sapphire!
If you were born any time in September, your birth stone is a sapphire, and what a gorgeous stone. Traditionally a deep blue stone, it is also available in other colors such as pink, yellow, and green. Most commonly you will find blue sapphires, because the word 'sapphire' is actually Greek for 'blue'. The rarest sapphire color in the world is called Padparadscha and is one of the most coveted gems in the world, sought after for its orange-pink 'sunset'-like coloring.
Sapphire can be found in places all over the world but traditionally the stones come from Myanmar, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. Sapphires are renown for their representation of honesty, loyalty and trust, also making them a popular engagement gemstone.
Featured sapphire items at Rock Your Nose ( this month are -
Flower Nose Stud - How Blue Can Blue Be...

A bold statement piece in sterling silver featuring a 4mm flawless lab created rounded sapphire stone in a flowered bezel cup, measuring 6mm across. The deep rich blue of the sapphire contrasts beautifully against the sterling silver and will be sure to stand out.
Sapphire Nose Stud in Unique Bold Style

A sterling silver tribal-esque heart-like piece featuring a slightly smaller 3mm natural sapphire stone, rounded and gorgeous. This sterling and sapphire nose stud piece itself measures 10 x 6.5mm, and is sure to grab attention with its beauty.
Sapphire and Gold Nose Stud - 14K Solid Yellow Gold

This piece is crafted with solid 14K yellow gold and features a 3mm rounded deep blue sapphire stone set in a gold bezel cup, with the end and finish of course specified to your customization! A truly elegant piece.
Dainty Sapphire (Lab Created) Nose Stud Set in Sterling Silver - 2mm Stone

This piece is perfect for those who love minimalistic, yet stylistic nose jewelry. The 2mm lab created sapphire stone is set in a dainty sterling silver claw setting and the finish style is up to your customization.
If you or somebody you know is celebrating a birthday this September, a sapphire nose piece may just be the perfect piece of jewelry for them! With its rich and enticing blue color and stone representations of purity, love, honesty, I would say that a sapphire as a gift doesn't need to be simply restricted for a September birthday. A sapphire truly makes a beautiful and pure gift at any time - especially to yourself!
Happy birthday to all of my September-born customers!


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