The Latest Nose Jewelry in Gold!

The Latest Nose Jewelry in Gold!

This last month has been crazy busy with adding a lot more gold options to my handcrafted nose jewelry collection. Historically I've worked in sterling silver, and other than my offerings of nose rings and hoops in 14 karat solid gold, and a smattering of nose studs, my gold selection has been small. This month I changed all of that!

I started by getting some nice bezel cups in 14 karat yellow gold filled material. Bezel cups are the little cup l use to hold the stone in my designs that have gemstones. I took a risk that you guys would like the new option, and agreed to order 500 as a minimum order. I hadn't done much work with gold fill before and really ventured into it in a big way. It's an affordable option to solid gold and is:

• A solid layer of gold 
• Durable – doesn’t flake or turn color
• Tarnish resistant just like gold
• Nickel free  

I've stocked solid 14 karat gold cups for a long time, so I had those available to work with. I was ready to start creating!

 Then it occurred to me that it would be nice to offer something in either gold filled, or solid gold as an option in the same product description. I asked my followers on social media what they thought and the overwhelming response was that they would like to see it as a drop down option. For example, this rainbow moonstone nose stud is available in either 14k yellow gold filled material, or in 14k solid gold.

gold rainbow moonstone handcrafted handmade nose stud

I tested it out on a few products and liked the way it provided an option for my customers that they may not have been aware of. I really appreciate the valuable input I was given and am thrilled that so many of you took the time to honestly answer my "this or that" type of question! I have added the options to all of the nose jewelry that I can make in either metal. If the option isn't listed, then it's not available. 

There are some designs I am only doing in gold fill at this time, like some of my gold tangled nose studs. The photo below shows off my Tangled Sapphire Nose Stud in Gold. I absolutely love the tangled wrap of gold around a gemstone, and think they bear resemblance to some of the more traditional Indian nose jewelry; while still keeping with my modern design ideas.

tangled gold and sapphire handcrafted nose stud

The gold launch went really well, so I expanded it to rose gold; again, both available as 14 karat rose gold fill or 14 karat solid rose gold. I'm currently working on getting bezel cups soldered to stems, stones set, nose studs polished and ready for some photo lovin'! I have launched two popular choices for rose gold: opal and rainbow moonstone nose studs. These classy styles never go out of fashion.

rose gold and opal handcrafted nose stud

 rainbow moonstone gold nose stud

In my spare time (lol), I'm thinking of new designs and plan to try as many out as I can in either 14k solid gold or 14k gold fill; and many in both. I maintain a really large collection of handcrafted nose jewelry and am continuing to expand my selections. I think it keeps me fresh as an artist, and it may be what keeps many of you connected to my work. I thank you all for being part of the process!

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Eilley W. Barron

Eilley W. Barron

I love your designs so much but gold/ rose gold doesn’t compliment my skin tones. I would gladly pay for white gold , titanium, or surgical steel.

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