What's Trending at Rock Your Nose Jewelry Inc.?

What's Trending at Rock Your Nose Jewelry Inc.?

Fall brings its own unique kind of trends, with the changing of the seasons and fall holidays looming.

In my area, the Pacific West, it begins with the turning of the leaves from greens to yellows, golds, and reds. We don't get a lot of reds on the west coast and I miss the brilliant colors of fall in the eastern provinces. There are breathtaking displays of color there. My copper leaf nose stud gets ordered much more often in the fall, and this year I am offering it at a bargain to honor the crisp beauty of fall. I just came back from a walk through the fallen leaves in my small neighbourhood; enjoying the crunch under my feet and the cooler air.

Fall wouldn't be complete without the tradition of Halloween in our area, and the trend for Halloween nose jewelry is still strong year after year, with cats, spiders, snakes, rats, and skulls being popular. I'm thinking a ghost would be a good addition to my collection...hmmm...stay tuned!




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