Size Matters - What Size Nose Jewelry is Right for Me?

Size Matters - What Size Nose Jewelry is Right for Me?

Size matters when it comes to choosing great nose jewelry. We all have a preference, and we make our choices based on different reasons and needs. Sometimes a big nose stud or nose ring is exactly what you want, and other times, a tiny piece might be what is needed to complete a certain look.

Noses come in all shapes, sizes and colors and only you can decide if this nose stud or nose ring will look good on you, or whether it will be too big or too small for your taste or occasion.  All that matters is whether you like it. Ask yourself, “is it the right look for me?” If the answer is "yes" then I say, “go for it!”

If a piece of nose jewelry catches your eye, decide when you’ll be wearing it. Is it because it goes with this makeup, or earrings, or outfit? Perhaps it’s for special occasions. Sometimes you need something small for work. Adding some flash to bounce off the lights at a party, dinner out or dancing at the club feels good. Some people wear a piece of nose jewelry to make a statement, or to reflect a mood - or both. It could be that it is just a lovely, funky or interesting piece and you would simply like to have it as an option whenever you darned well feel like it. Whether for work or play, we all choose our jewelry based on what we feel a connection to.

It can be extra hard to choose when shopping online, and I understand that. I too, have had the experience of thinking something looks perfect but since I’m not in the room holding it, how do I tell if it’s right for me? And do I take the chance?

I can help take some of the guesswork out of it. If you are not certain whether it will look too big or small on you, try measuring with a ruler or a smart phone app:

 1. Using a ruler, measure the nose jewelry you currently wear and compare it to the dimensions in my product descriptions

2. To use an app on your smart phone to measure, trace the size of the stone or setting on your current jewelry on a piece of paper and measure it with the app.

*** measure several times to make sure you have it right

 This will give you a good idea of what you currently wear, compared to the size you’re considering and may help take some of the guesswork out of it.

 If you don’t have jewelry to compare it to, or if you think it’s a lot different from what you wear now:

  1. Draw a circle, or square on a piece of paper that you think is about the size of the piece you’re looking at online - even if the shapes are different, the drawings will help give you a good visual idea of how big or small the online piece is.
  2. Measure it using either a ruler or a smart phone app
  3. Cut out the shape and hold it up to your nose

 Ultimately, you are the only one who knows what size nose stud or nose ring is right for you. Enjoy your piercing – whatever your preference!


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